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It's Your Choice EP

by Elijah's Tomb

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Pain Killer 05:50
Look into my world See what's there And then tell me What is it you see A life that's full? A life that's free? Come into my world Let me show you all around Here's my falling life Here's my lying on the ground Pain taken away from me All of it to bear Nailed to the cross because He really cares Slapped Him in the face Never stopped to care See the nails in His hands? I put them there God I'm sorry Please forgive me God I'm sorry Please receive me Look into my world See the sin And lies that haunt me But in all of this Only one side truly frees me Come into my world Let me show you all around Watch me get up Here's the new strength I have found Look into my world See my life, hear my calling Calling from a God I say yes, no more falling Come into my world Share this love Share this calling Sacfice I will I will stand No more falling
Never Sleeps 04:23
Rage, the one who wants to kill you Let it out Pain, this hurt soul brings you There is no doubt Longing to kill, crucify See the hate, in his eye Nothing have you done to them but being born black is a sin? Hate is born The innocent cry Hate is born They all will die Hate is born The mother weeps Hate is born It never sleeps Death, is what is here to greet you Turn and run Lead, sinks in your back From their gun You long to live, in blood soaked cries That is a right, that they deny Nothing Have you done to them They don't care Murder him
Echo 05:46
Fear, clouds the mind of the broken Shock, life's door is opened To the world Death, to what is inside them The child, turns it's head in horror It can not run Echo past the gates Echo through the grave Shattering the earth Bleed, yes I cry for you Pain, know this has brought you It's not your fault Live, see how the child loves you Cells, it won't hurt to take them That's all a lie Live must live Their alive Love what pain has brought Give a second thought Slip into their shoes Can't you see Hate you it does not Love from you is sought Looks to you for life Can't you see from their eyes
Lost 03:38
Spiralling down into a quagmire Of triumphant desires Forgive me Lord This world has prevailed again And I can't do this And this life cannot survive In a vacuum of desires Lash out Hid the pain inside Save me Lord I'm finished Help me Lord I'm lost Save me Lord I'm finished Then I'll turn my back on you Spit in your face Cause I can get along without You At the mercy of my stupidity My flesh being torn from my bones Like spikes in my skin Ripping away, flay my soul From these bones I don't deserve to win Do I really want to change? I am so lost without You I tell you the truth my brothers I am not lost I am found I am found and I am free I am free cause Jesus saved me I call out to God I bend my knee I call out to God I cry save me I AM SO LOST WITHOUT YOU GOD
Listen 05:21
Open the book now You say the lies come You've fallen from grave Where do you run? Open your eyes You'll see you're falling Straight into hell It's just begun Open your heart Ask what you long for To be loved It's no surprise Depression crawling Up inside you See the truth Open your eyes See the truth Die inside you Never learn From where you've been Hopelessness And despair haunt you At yourself You point the gun I am on the rock of salvation Where I cannot fall I can hear the voices speaking Yes I hear the call I will stand up for my Savior I will give my life Give it up You cannot beat him Now sheath your knife Get up on the rock of salvation Where you cannot fall Chris can heal the wounds inside you Can't you hear Him call? He is crying out "I love you, let Me take your pain I bled and died to save your soul And I'd do it all again!"


"It's Your Choice" was the band's first self-released demo EP, available only at live shows in the late 90s into the early 00s. The original Tomb lineup featured Dean Watson on vocals. This long out-of-print EP is a classic DIY releasee from before when mp3s, protools and cheap cd runs became common.

Fan-favorite songs "Listen" and "Never Sleeps" were re-recorded for the band's 2005 self-titled CD. This is the only place to get recordings of "Pain Killer," "Lost" and "Echo."


released August 8, 1999

Dean Watson: Lead vox, other guitar
Nathanael Sterr: Lead guitar, other vox
Anthony Sterr: Bass guitar
Marcel Dyck: Drums


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Elijah's Tomb Grande Prairie, Alberta

From 1998-2007, ELIJAH'S TOMB brought Christian metal to Alberta & beyond. Through various roster changes over the years, the Tomb entertained and ministered to teenagers, metalheads and anybody who loves a good moshpit by providing the perfect thrash soundtrack. Elijah's Tomb brought some shreddin' metal tunes to the world before calling it quits in 2007, and left lasting impacts on many lives. ... more

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